MLD Elementary School Grades K-6
Kolambugan Lanao del Norte, Mindanao Philippines
Sponsored and started by Senior Mike and Doctor Luzelin Damayo.

Deep in the jungles of Pacil, Mukas, Kolambugan Lanao del Norte a war torn severely impoverished area of Southern Mindanao, Philippines. Our mission to bring education to these 3rd world kids will rescue suffering by giving them a chance for a better future is our goal. We empower, feed, clothe, educate and give love showing we care. Keeping them safe from a dangerous life of child labour. All the children want and need is hope/care and food. MLD School's solution is by contributing to the humanitarian needs through charity and education. *MISSIONS*
MLD Elementary school is a charity for Kindergarten-6th grade. Privately funded by friends and family. Missionary workers committing their lives to saving children from child labour through education. Principle, teachers, and staff are all women.
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We appreciate any generosity.